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Amazing What Just a Teaspoon Can Do

When we think about fillers, the lips and mouth are often the area that comes to mind first.  We see pictures in our mind of full pouty lips, like those of some of our favorite celebrities.  But the appearance of the lower face is improved by much more than just pouty lips.  If fact, what many patients associate with an “overdone” look is due to overfilling the lips.  To achieve a dramatic improvement in the reversal of the signs of aging requires a multi area approach to correct not just the signs of aging but the underlying causes.

Loss of volume and changes to the quality of the skin begins in the early 30’s and progresses exponential as we age, I know not fair right?  These changes are the underlying reasons that we see signs of aging.  Volume loss can produce vertical lines on the lips, a downturned mouth, and lines around the nose and mouth.  These symptoms can impact not only your appearance but also how people perceive you. 

We see nasolabial folds, oral commissures, marionette lines and cheek contours as the most prevalent areas where aging begins and progresses over time. This combination of areas of improvement is the reason we developed our “Teaspoon Package”.  This package is designed to comprehensively treat the areas responsible for the signs of aging. 

The Teaspoon Package is deep discount on 5 syringes of filler to create ‘liquid lift’ of the mid face.  We combine 2 syringes of Voluma for volume restoration, and 3 syringes of Juvederm or Restylane to smooth and perfect the nasolabial folds, oral commissures, and marionette lines. This comprehensive approach produces a dramatic result in a single treatment but some patients are concerned that 5 syringes may be too much. 

Did you know that a 1.0mL syringe is filler is just 1/5 of a teaspoon?  That’s why our 5 syringe package is called the “Teaspoon Package”. Just 1 Teaspoon of filler for a comprehensive rejuvenation.

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Nasolabial Folds, Oral Commissures, Marionette Lines

The dynamic movements and resting facial expressions play a significant role in whether a person looks happy and content or angry.  Unfortunately, many of the signs of aging result in an appearance that doesn’t always reflect the true expression of how we feel.  This is particularly true of the oral commissures and marionette lines.  These are often neglected areas that have a dramatic impact on the appearance.  Take a look at the image below for an illustration of those areas. 


Cheek Contours

We’ve all seen the pictures on the internet of a person with disproportionately large cheeks. It just doesn’t look right, and is commonly what we associate with an “overdone” look and a reason some individuals have reservations about using multiple syringes of filler.  At FAC we take a conservative approach. 

“Our objective is to restore what once was.”

We use a small amount of Voluma to restore contours of the cheek bones which change due to the loss of fat and bone that occurs with aging.  The cheek contouring elevates the mid face to improve the nasolabial folds (smile lines), the tear trough (groove beneath the lower eyelid), and the appearance of “sagging” of the face.

Take a look at the image below to see how just a teaspoon of filler creates a dramatic improvement to the overall appearance of the face. 

For a limited time we are offering 20 Units of BOTOX FREE with our Teaspoon Package.  Get 2 syringes of Voluma, and 3 full syringes of any other filler, along with 20 UNITS of BOTOX for just $2490.

Botox vs filler areas of face treatment
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The Gobbler Effect

A Gobbler Only Looks Good on a Turkey 

One of the most telling signs of age is looseness and sagging in the neck. Some may see similarities to one of our favorite Thanksgiving friends, theTurkey turkey. Whether laxity of the neck and jowls or definition of the jawline, no one wants the dreaded “gobbler effect” that gives one an aged or ‘heavy’ look.

If we look more closely at the aging neck, we can recognize particular features that directly affect our appearance.  For instance, the jawline that once provided the distinct separation of our face from our neck, seen in our younger years, becomes blurred and the youthful definition of our jaw-line diminishes.  Additionally, we may see the development of fullness in the area below our chin. These changes are especially evident from our side or profile view (an observation that may not be readily seen or realized by ourselves while looking in a mirror but often noticed in a photograph).

To regain a youthful neck contour, it is essential to correctly diagnose what anatomic structure(s) or layer(s) are causing the problem, which is to say that there is no single cookie cutter approach or treatment for the aging neck.

"The neck lift is the safe, consistent and effective aesthetic technique for removing sagging skin and excess fatty tissue in the neck, while at the same time refining the appearance of the jawline and neckline." - Dr. Brandon

Very commonly it is necessary to combine a Necklift with a Microlift to provide a more complete and harmonious rejuvenation of the jawline and neck. The Microlift is a unique and excellent treatment option for those patients with minimal to moderate laxity or sagging around the neck, cheeks, and jawline, often referred to as the jowls. Patients who fit into this category can often improve the appearance of these areas in the mirror by simply pushing the skin near their jaw and neck in a backward direction toward the ear. This action simulates a simple "tuck," which is easily achieved with the Microlift.

For individuals with only minimal laxity in the neck, the Thermage CPT treatment may be an excellent option. This non-surgical procedure provides dramatic tightening and lifting of the face and neck skin with no downtime. The treatment takes just 90 minutes and is a great option for a little "refresher". Most patients will see and feel noticeable results in the first 24-48 hours. Your treated area will continue to tighten for up to six months as your body forms new, tighter, stronger collagen and can last for a couple years. 

For patients with neck “bands”, and with minimal to no skin laxity or fatty tissue, Botox is an excellent and popular treatment option.  Since Botox works on muscles and because neck “bands” (sometimes called “cords”) are actually a muscle called the platysma (Pla-tis-ma), Botox is extremely effective.  Botox will help temporarily relax and “elevate” the neck “bands” thereby diminishing their appearance.   In contrast to Botox, there are many products advertised and marketed for neck bands that are not effective.  Despite the claims made by these products that are often seen in stores, magazines, and talk shows, neck “bands” can not be eliminated by special neck exercises, shocked away by repetitive electrical pulses, or improved by night time straps or skin care products.  


Many times patients will come in seeking neck rejuvenation by liposuction alone to remove excess fat from beneath the chin. There is no question that liposuction has a role in neck rejuvenation, but its role is often over emphasized and over done in many cases. To understand why this is so some knowledge of neck anatomy is important.  It is easier to understand neck anatomy if you consider the neck in layers.  First there is, of course, the outer skin layer.  The skin layer covers a fatty tissue layer and this fatty tissue layer covers the platysma muscle layer (i.e., the layer causing the “bands”).  Why is this important?

This is important because liposuction is done in this fatty tissue layer which covers the platysma muscle, and even modest removal of this fat can lead to greater exposure of neck bands that were once hidden by the fatty layer.  Furthermore, liposuction does not treat neck bands; currently the only way to treat neck bands with any longevity is by a formal surgical neck lift. 

"In Patients over the age of 35-40, the best necklift actually is a lower facelift as the two anatomic structures must be lifted in tandem to achieve the best aesthetic outcome." Dr. Brandon

On a final note, most fullness under the chin and lower neck is more often caused by a different, second fatty tissue layer that resides underneath the platysma muscle (“bands”) layer.  It would be dangerous to remove this fat by any liposuction method without first beginning with a formal neck lift.  By focusing treatment to the deeper fatty tissue layer underneath the platysma muscle, the neck contour can be rejuvenated without exposing the neck bands.  Additionally, the platysma muscle (“bands”) can be simultaneously tightened and this can all be accomplished through a small camouflaged incision under the chin.  Therefore, the neck lift is the safe, more consistent and in my opinion the most effective aesthetic technique for removing excess fatty tissue in the neck, while at the same time allowing for more definitive treatment of neck bands and the elimination of the excess skin, all features seen in most aging necks. The neck lift is the safe, consistent and effective aesthetic technique for removing excess fatty tissue in the neck, while at the same time refining the appearance of the jawline and neckline, all features seen in most aging necks.

The patient above is a representative example of surgical neck lift. She also had a microlift to help with restoring the appearance of her jowls and mid face. The fatty fullness aspect of her neck was located in the layer deep to the platysma as described above.  This layer of fat would not have been addressed by liposuction, coolsculpting, kybella, or other non-surgical treatment options. Only surgical removal of her excess skin would get her this degree of natural looking skin tightening. 


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