Esther Watanabe PA-C

Esther is the mother of a Dana Hills water polo player.  When she is not chauffeuring between polo matches, she enjoys gardening and the outdoors.  Ask to see her mini garden in the Aliso Viejo office.

She has over 15 years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine and multiple non-surgical modalities using fillers, neurotoxins, lasers, microneedling with radiofrequency, ultrasound based treatment, CoolSculpting, PRP, IV Therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Injectables are her true passion.

Esther is a certified master injector with all filler utilized at FAC.  Her patients love her gentle touch and artistic eye to provide natural restoration of youthful contours.  She has helped thousands of patients throughout Orange County look great and feel great.

Dasha Panchenko, BSN, RN.

Dasha is a San Clemente resident with a growing family thanks to the addition of a beautiful baby boy, Dimitri.  Dasha enjoys outings with her son in Pines Park and around Capistrano Beach.

Dasha is a Registered Nurse specializing in facial and body aesthetics. Born and raised in Ukraine, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at West Coast University after she moved to US. She started her nursing career in Labor and Delivery, but her passion for skin care, combined with artistic skills and desire to deliver a unique and meaningful experience to every patient, brought Dasha to the aesthetic field shortly after. Dasha is a graduate of the Allergan Medical Institute where she studied advanced injection techniques for Botox and the Juvederm family of fillers. She has achieved a certification as a master injector and is providing comprehensive non-surgical rejuvenation treatments for patients of FAC.

Tami Kennedy, BSN, RN.

Tami is married with 3 active daughters who play club soccer and are high school athletes and personally enjoys healthy living and regular exercise to support her healthy lifestyle.

Tami has been a Nurse Practitioner for 18 years and has more than 5 years experience in wellness focusing on regenerative medicine including PRP, PRF, and stem cell therapy. She earned her Bachelor Degree in Nursing from the University of Southern California and her Master’s Degree in Nursing, specializing in Women’s Health Care from California State University, Long Beach.

Camille Colapinto, RN

Camille Colapinto, RN

Camille is a San Clemente resident of more than 31 years.  She has two sons that grew up in San Clemente with some of the best surf in the world.  Her sons are now professional surfers keeping she and her husband busy world travelers.  Look out for Crosby and Griffin on the World Surf League tour.

Camille has been a RN for more than 24 years with more than 5 years of experience aesthetics. Along with being an aesthetic specialist, she assists our surgeons and surgical patients with their surgical journey, providing pre operative and post operative care.  Her genuine, nurturing personality puts patients at ease during their recovery period.

Nikki Reynolds, Managing Medical Esthetician

Nikki Reynolds

Nikki is a licensed Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist. Her passion for skin care started at a very young age. After graduating from high school in 2003 she began studying at The Paul Mitchell Skin Academy in Costa Mesa, CA.

Their advanced skin care program, developed in alliance with The International Dermal Institute, helped her master classic professional techniques, speed waxing, customized treatment protocols and ingredient technology. She honed her skills at a medical laser center and a salon in Orange County before joining Facial Aesthetic Concepts in 2005.

Nikki specializes in skin care treatments such as facials, acne treatments, chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, full body waxing, and makeup as well as advanced treatments such as Microneedling, Microblading and CoolSculpting®.

She is very experienced in customizing treatment plans to enhance and complement the various medical and surgical services FAC provides.

She loves building a relationship with her patients and educating them about their skin and how to care for it. It is her greatest joy to help someone achieve their skin care goals and transform their skin so they look and feel their best.

As the Managing Esthetician at FAC, it is her top priority to make sure we continue to offer the most innovative and results-oriented skin care treatments and products to our patients.

In her spare time: Nikki enjoys all aspects of life, whether it’s traveling to new exciting places or just cuddling with her long-haired Chihuahua, Annabelle, while binge-watching shows.

Skin care regimen: A well-balanced, comprehensive home care regimen is a must! Nikki always utilizes the GRASS method to ensure she covers all the bases. Some of her personal favorite products are the Lytic Tx and Restorative Moisturizer.

In the morning: Nikki has a long-standing, and costly, relationship with the local Starbucks. Although her caffeinated picks have changed over the years, her current drink of choice is Cold Brew Coffee.

Mary Granger, Medical Esthetician

Mary Granger

Mary has been in the skin care industry for over 10 years. She is a Board Certified Medical Esthetician, Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist Specializing in CIT/Microneedling, and is certified in Coolsculpting®, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Exfoliation, Facial and Body Waxing and Electic Modalities.

Starting out as a front desk manager she wanted to do more to help patients and to do that she had to move from behind the desk and work in the treatment room. She went to the top-rated aesthetics program at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA. There she earned her certifications for European facial techniques, waxing, chemical peels and electric modalities.

After receiving her Esthetician license she immediately started work at a full service day spa continuing her education specializing in massage techniques, microdermabrasion and acne treatments. She loves the one-on-one attention that she can give her patients whether it’s in the treatment room or explaining products.

Mary has been a part of the FAC family since 2013. Prior to joining FAC, she was working at a Medi Spa in Huntington Beach for almost seven years. Seven years with the same people who became family to her. When the time came to move on she didn’t want just another “job,” she wanted to find a new family where she could work and grow for the next seven years. She found that with FAC.

Here she is able to continue her education and stay on top of the new innovations in the skin care industry so she can give her patients the best options for their concerns. Her favorite procedure is Microneedling. Whether you’re treating deep lines, acne scarring or just want to freshen up, microneedling is the most effective treatment for stimulating collagen and a nice change from chemical exfoliation and microdermabrasion.

In Her Spare Time: Mary is probably hanging out with your grandmother crocheting, knitting, sewing or cross-stitching. Macrame and quilting are next on her list to learn. When she does go outside, she loves doing DIY projects on her house, hiking local and out of state trails, and running and power walking local flea markets with her husband.

Skin Care Regimen: Mary likes to keep it simple and efficient with her skin care. She uses her Smart Profile Clarisonic every morning and night. For cleansers, she likes options. It really depends on what she feels like. You can never have too many cleaners. Right now, she alternates with a milk or creamy cleanser and a salicylic cleanser.

Her core products all fit within the GRASS Method. C-Stem is her Growth Factor and Antioxidant: she uses it in the AM and PM. HA5 and Vita Soothe are her hydration serum and moisturizer. Lytic Tx is her nightly exfoliator, and Glycolic Gel 10% when she’s feeling dull. She also uses SPF every day. Any and all SPFs are her favorite.

How she keeps it simple: AM: Cleanse w/ Clarisonic, C-stem, brush teeth, HA5, Vita Soothe, apply mascara and SPF — done. PM: Cleanse w/ Clarisonic, Lytic, HA5 and Vita Soothe. She uses HA5 and Vita Soothe as her eye creams.

In The Morning: Mary has a new love for cold brew coffee. She starts her day with Stumptown cold brew and Banana and Vanilla Yogurt. When she feels fancy she’ll stop at DK’s Donuts in Orange for a fancy creative donut.

Erin Pomeroy, Medical Esthetician


Erin is a licensed medical esthetician who has been with FAC since 2019.  She studied skin and makeup at Bellus Academy in San Diego in 2014. She started in the makeup industry and transitioned her skills and knowledge to the treatment room to better help her clients with their skin and confidence. Dealing with skin issues at a young age fueled her passion and drive for skincare and aesthetics so she could help educate others about their skin and treatment options.


Erin specializes in customizing all skincare treatment plans to target a patient’s concerns with as little downtime as possible. Each treatment can be customized and tweaked based on the patient’s present concern and any personal life events that may be coming up. Building relationships and helping her patients achieve their skin goals is Erin’s number one priority.

In her spare time: Erin enjoys staying active whether that be taking a hike by the beach or a long walk at the mall. You may also find her at Trader Joes on any given day of the week, it’s her favorite place!

Skin Care Regime: Erin likes to keep it simple and efficient, sometimes less is more! A thorough yet gentle cleanse, gentle exfoliant, well-balanced moisturizer, and SPF can cover all categories of GRASS. Some of her personal favorite products are Alumier Bright & Clear Solution and Alumier Sheer Hydration SPF.

In the morning: On her commute to work, Erin likes to start her day by listening to music or podcasts to set the tone for a great day.

Brooke White, Medical Esthetician

Brooke White

Brooke is a board-certified medical esthetician. Her interest in skincare and beauty began at an early age. She studied aesthetics as soon as she graduated high school in San Marcos at the Palomar Institute of Cosmetology and has been practicing aesthetics ever since. Brooke was rewarded best customer service from the dermal institute. She specializes in all our facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and CoolSculpting.

In her spare time: She loves to get creative and design different faces by doing freelance makeup for independent art/film projects. She also admires anything from the past, you can catch her at your nearest antique mall searching for rare vintage treasures!

Skin Routine: Brooke loves to try different products on her skin throughout the year, but she ALWAYS uses her Alastin Hydratint SPF and TNS Advanced + Serum. Since Brooke is acne prone, she loves to use our Retinol Treatment Serum to smooth out her texture, even out her tone, and prevent or heal any scarring.

In the morning: She loves to spend time with her cat, Orpheus, while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.

Angela Betts, Medical Esthetician

Angela Betts

Angela is Certified in the art of aesthetics from a Dermal Institute satellite school where she graduated as a two-time Nuts and Bolts business program award winner. Trained in the classic European facial style as well as several advanced modalities such as LED, microdermabrasion, radio frequency, and Diamond Glow.

She started her career in aesthetics at an organic wellness center where she specialized in prenatal and oncology skin care. In her skin care career, she has learned to help people with skin issues from acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation all the way to irritation and burns from radiation treatments. She truly enjoys providing treatments to help clients achieve their skin care goals as well as educate people on home skin care products. She also enjoys just providing an hour of relaxation to her guests if that is what they need to rejuvenate themselves!

Angela is continuously looking to further her education with the ever-changing skin care services and products that become available. When she was given the opportunity to became a part of the advanced practice at FAC, she accepted without hesitation!

Skin Care Regime: Angela follows the GRASS method with her home skin care routine, changing products based on her needs throughout the year. She does have two favorite products that she continues to use year-round and they are TNS Advanced Plus from Skin Medica and Transform Body Treatment from Alastin. The skin on your body needs care just like the skin on your face!

In her spare time: In her off time, you will find her out on two wheels somewhere. She’s an avid road cyclist and motorcycle rider. As a native Minnesotan, she also enjoys exploring all the parks and beaches in my new home state of California!

As a former emergency front line health care worker, Angela still volunteers her time as an Ambassador for OneLegacy. She travels to hospitals in Southern California speaking to other medical professionals about life saving gift of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Teresa Conter, Surgical Patient Advisor

Teresa Conter

Teresa has been at FAC for a little over 6 years now and is our Surgical Coordinator for Dr. Gangnes and Dr. Brandon. She assists our surgical patients in every way through their journey of having their surgeries. Teresa has a passion for helping others and truly embraces each and every patient that she meets.

Teresa was always intrigued by the health of the skin as well as skin care regimens and products. Upon establishing this love for skin care, Teresa went to Paul Mitchell Skin Academy where she became Board Certified as an Esthetician in 2008.

Teresa also became certified as an Esthetics Instructor at the Paul Mitchell School for 6 years through training at the International Dermal Institute. All the while working outside as an Esthetician performing a multitude of facial and body treatments.

In her spare time: Teresa enjoys spending time with her 2 daughters. They love to go camping, going to the beach, playing sports and spending time with their horses. Pretty much anything outdoors, but always with sunscreen!!

Skin care regimen: consists daily of the G.R.A.S.S. method. Teresa’s favorite products are SkinMedica’s Retinol Complex, Alastin SPF and Alastin Complex.

In the morning: Teresa enjoys a protein shake to get her day started off in the right direction.

Jodi Reynolds, Patient Advisor

Jodi ReynoldsJodi has over 15 years of experience working in the aesthetics field and has been with Facial Aesthetic Concepts since 2012 as a Patient Advisor in our Rancho Santa Margarita location. Jodi’s strengths and knowledge base are in administration, treatment plans, patient coordinating, sales and management.

She takes great joy in providing the best overall patient care and ensuring that each patient gets the intentional care and advice that is needed and desired. Jodi is very knowledgeable in most laser treatments, injectables, surgical and nonsurgical procedures. To guarantee Jodi is always “in the know” as well as her unending amount of curiosity and the love of learning, Jodi loves reading and researching about the latest in aesthetic medicine.

I have been so lucky to have worked for the best teachers/doctors in this field.


In Her Spare Time: Jodi loves cooking for her family and relaxing with her four cats, venturing out to flea markets and thrifting, decorating projects around the house and working out!

Skin Care Regimen: Jodi follows our GRASS skin care regimen with her favorite products, Lytic Gel Cleanser HA5, SkinMedica’s Retinol Complex at night, Daily Replenishing SPF on her face and EltaMD on her body. She also enjoys an o2 lift mask once a week or for special occasions when she wants to look extra glowy! In addition to her skin care regimen, Jodi drinks a lot of water and does cardio workouts for good skin.

In the morning: Jodi will often pick a lemon from her backyard tree to make hot lemon water, then practice yoga to music. After that, she will drink coffee during the drive to work.

Simone Smith, Patient Advisor

Simone Smith

Simone is a native of Brazil, but moved to Southern California over 20 years ago.

She attended Orange Coast College where she further enhanced her business as well as attended Dermalogica International Dermal Institute, in which her knowledge and skills have been an asset to the team.

Simone started her career in Aesthetics at Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza where she spent 9 years as a makeup artist and sales professional. She excelled in customer service and honed her skills in providing individualized care for her clients. She also received her Runway Makeup Certification from MAC Makeup, the highest level possible.

Simone joined Facial Aesthetic Concepts in 2015 as one of our Patient Advisors and skin care experts in our Aliso Viejo office. Simone takes great pleasure and pride in counseling patients regarding procedures, makeup and skin care products, all of which she is able to customize to the specific needs of each individual patient.

In Her Spare Time: Simone enjoys working out, eating and cooking healthy, movies and spending time with friends and family.

Skin Care Regimen: Simone’s skin care routine consists of our GRASS method, and her favorite products are Skin Medica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator and Jane Iredale’s So Bronze bronzer, for healthy glowing skin.

In The Morning: Simone likes to start her day with the news and some eggs or oatmeal, and she also makes time to stay in touch with her family in Brazil.