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What Keeps Patients Coming Back to FAC

Our providers are the best source of information about what is best to address your particular goals.  Whether it is improving lines and wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, or generally reversing the signs of aging, our providers will educate you about the underlying reasons for your particular issue discuss options available for treatment and make a recommendation for the best options considering your time and budget

The consultation is a very valuable time to learn.  At FAC we do not sell.  You don’t meet with a sales person or ‘consultant’.  You meet with a licensed medical professional that provides the services you seek.  This ensures a knowledgeable source for information and mutual understanding of your goals and desires. 

If you have questions call to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists.  You can read about all of our specialists on our website https://www.facorangecounty.com/about-us/our-staff/

What is your favorite treatment to perform?

Lip filler is my favorite procedure to perform. It’s artistry with a needle. It is important to remember, not everyone will have the ideal lip shape and size to correct with filler. Patient selection is important as well as communicating, with the patient, about their aesthetic goals and expectations. 

Camille Colapinto RN

What treatment provides the best value?

I love combination treatments. My favorite is a monthly combo treatment of Dermaplane with Microneedling to maintain skin tone and texture. The dermaplane provides an excellent manual exfoliation and smoothing of the surface of the skin and the microneedling refreshes the surface skin cells and stimulates regenerative processes that create improvements in the quality and appearance of the skin

Esther Watanabe PA-C

What is your best memory of a happy patient?

I just recently had a patient who started her “injectable journey” with me. The patient was the one truly terrified to do anything to her face thinking that something wrong would happen and it will leave her looking not herself. We started with Botox to give her conservative movement elimination, relaxation of mild to moderate lines and wrinkles, aiming for overall lifted, rested, rejuvenated look. . A week after her treatment we received the following voicemail: 

 “Dasha changed my life, I’ve never thought I could look so good after Botox tx”.

She came in a week later  to explore other options and thanked me for being so patient and informative. She felt much more at ease. Stated that finally she felt good about herself, and her self-esteem was at a whole different level.

 Dasha Panchenko RN

What treatment provides the greatest improvement with the least downtime?

The Clear and Brilliant treatment provides great results with little to no downtime.  The treatment combines two lasers in a single treatment to produce a dramatic improvement in the tone and texture of the skin without downtime seen with almost all other laser technologies.  It is a great maintenance treatment to improve skin quality and keep it looking great through the years.

Tami Kennedy NP

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Real Patient Stories

How Facial Procedures Have Impacted Their Lives

Let’s face it.  No one wants surgery.  In fact, no one wants any injection, laser procedure, radio frequency procedure or most aesthetic services.  We seek out these services to make improvements in how we look, to restore our more youthful appearance, reverse environmental damage or just plane enhance what god gave us.  We do this because when we look good, we feel better, more confident, more energetic.  That is why our patients seek out the services we provide. 

We want to share with you some stories from our patients about how their procedure impacted them personally and the benefits they experienced after choosing to undergo a procedure

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A Message from Dr. Gangnes


Make the experience great, the outcome remarkable and the expectation surpassed - Richard Gangnes M.D.


Dr. Gangnes specializes exclusively in facial cosmetic surgery and has over 30 years experience in this dynamic, evolving area of medical art and science.  He is currently clinical professor at the University of California Irvine and is actively involved in the training of residents and fellows the art and science of facial plastic surgery.