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Got Maskne?

By: Nikki Bahash Reynolds

During a pandemic we have so many things to worry about; breakouts shouldn’t be one of them. Many people are suffering from an increase in breakouts and other skin issues due to wearing a face mask, so much so that the internet has given it its own moniker, “maskne”. 
Maskne is caused by a number of factors: sweating and bacteria building from skin occlusion, irritation from friction and dryness. Wearing a mask all day, especially as the temperatures rise can cause sweating, which in turn creates an environment that bacteria (and fungus) can thrive in causing bacterial breakouts (pustules). Antibacterial spot treatments, like our 5% Benzaderm Gel, are beneficial to wear during the day. Just be aware that this product will possibly bleach the inside of colored, fabric masks. The irritation caused by friction can also lead to inflammatory breakouts and contribute to excessive dryness in the area. I suggest using a breathable barrier product like our lipid-based serum, Vita Soothe, to help prevent this, and if using a cloth mask, try choosing a softer material. 
Inflammatory breakouts (red, deeper breakouts) and irritation can be reduced with over-the-counter steroids, like hydrocortisone, and spot treatments like our Overnight Spot Treatment with sulfur, calamine and salicylic acid to reduce swelling and calm the skin.  If you are getting bacterial breakouts and dryness, you can apply Vita Soothe before the Benzaderm Gel in the morning to avoid over drying. 
It’s important that you wash or change your mask frequently to avoid bacteria build up. Also, be mindful about what you are washing your mask with. Some detergents and fabric softeners contain a lot of fragrance and additives that may react to the delicate facial skin, instead try hand washing them with fragrance-free, antibacterial soap. Another tip is to try to take breaks from wearing your mask whenever it’s possible, and it is especially important to remember to drink WATER. I like to double the hydration during my masks breaks by drinking water and spritzing my skin with a hydration spray like our Vitamin C Hydration Spray. 

In summation any or all of these tools can help prevent maskne from becoming another pandemic challenge:

  • Change and wash your mask(s) frequently.
  • Use spot treatments like 5% Benzaderm Gel (am) and Overnight Spot Treatment (pm).
  • Give your skin a moisture barrier with Vita Soothe.
  • Hydrate by drinking plenty of water and using Vitamin C Hydration Spray.

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Millennials and PREjuvenation

How young it too young?

Not long ago, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reported that 64% of its members noted a significant increase in the number of patients under the age of 30 who are requesting cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments.

The trend has since become mainstream and the process has been dubbed "prejuvenation," which has come to mean any aesthetic care that helps prevent an aging appearance, that is, stopping signs of aging before they appear in areas such as crows feet or facial volume loss in cheeks.

There is some science behind this movement as facial muscles can be trained to move less with the use of Botox and Dysport, which can slow down the progress of wrinkles by preventing dynamic facial expressions. This desire for early intervention can help delay the need for larger procedures or surgery or eliminate the need altogether.

Prejuvenation treatments can also help prevent dark sun spots, premature sagging skin, and more.

While PREjuvenation may be a growing trend to prevent premature aging, REjuvenation has been a staple for those who are trying to restore their youthful appearance through surgical or non-surgical options. The reason we find ourselves wanting to rejuvenate is because we don't consider a treatment or a skin care product until we notice wrinkles forming or skin sagging, the key is to use products and do treatments to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin and maintain a youthful appearance.

Rejuvenation techniques include surgical procedures to restore symmetry and youthfulness, or non-surgical treatments such as injectables, fillers, laser skin applications, and more.

At FAC we develop a comprehensive approach to maintain healthy, youthful skin specific for your skin needs from skin care products, to facials, to injectables to ensure the vibrancy of your skin year round.

Why now?

Millennial's have increased their use of prejuvenation for a variety of reasons, however, leading the way is social media, which has made younger adults increasingly aware of all the treatment options to prevent premature aging and help maintain their youthful complexion as they age. Getting treatments used to be something people kept a secret, but many celebrities of their era are sharing their experiences on social media, glamorizing aesthetic treatments.

For many millennials, it comes down to this: the technology is readily available and people they admire are engaging in it. That makes the entire process acceptable: Why look older when you don't have to?

In one important way, millennials are like their parents in that the prejuvenation techniques they favor are non-surgical. This is a trend that has greatly increased over the last 10 years as non-surgical aesthetic advancements catch up to their surgical counterparts.

The most requested prejuvenation treatments are:

  • Botox - an injectable that smooths fine lines and wrinkles by 'relaxing' your muscles and preventing you from making dynamic facial expressions that cause fine lines and wrinkles. In the past few years, Botox injections by people aged 19 to 34 has increased 87%.

Millennial's are finding that by getting Botox injections at a younger age, they can weaken wrinkle-causing facial muscles to help keep them looking young longer.

In a well-known controlled study, twins were given Botox injections at varying intervals, with one twin receiving half the treatments. The results showed a noticeable reduction in facial lines and crow's feet in the twin with the additional treatments.

  • Fillers - Patients turn to fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane to help enhance their facial contours and to restore volume and shape to specific areas of the face that can lose volume over time. 
  • Chemical Peels - Lighter peels are affordable treatments that can remove superficial brown spots, improve finer lines and wrinkles, and refresh the appearance of the skin.
  • Facials - These relaxing spa treatments can detoxify and improve the health of the skin, serving either as a stand-alone treatment or as a boost to other treatments.

The bottom line is that whether you are a young adult or a mature adult, there are ample procedures and treatments to help you maintain a youthful, healthy appearance.

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Dr. Gangnes specializes exclusively in facial cosmetic surgery and has over 30 years experience in this dynamic, evolving area of medical art and science.  He is currently clinical professor at the University of California Irvine and is actively involved in the training of residents and fellows the art and science of facial plastic surgery.