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Lip Filler Done Right
Curious About Lip Filler? Keep Reading...

One of the most popular treatments right now is lip filler. It seems like every time you turn around, you’re greeted with a voluminous pair of lips. It also seems like we’re seeing more and more over-filled lips, which can turn someone off from getting their perfect pout.

Some people may like the look of over-filled lips, but at FAC we always strive for natural enhancements that accentuate and balance your overall appearance.

In this article, we’re going to break down:

  • The ideal proportions for lips according to the golden ratio
  • Why lip filler isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment
  • Everything you need to know about lip injections
  • How to achieve your ideal lips.

The Golden Ratio for Lips

The golden ratio represents our perception of attractiveness and is approximately 1.6. The width of the mouth should be roughly 1.6 times the width of the bottom of the nose. When we’re looking at lips from the front view, the ideal ratio according to the golden rule is 1:1.6. Meaning, the bottom lip is slightly larger than the top lip.

When looking at the side profile of lips, the top lip should extend no more than 3.5 mm and the bottom lip shouldn’t extend more than 2.2 mm. If the upper lip extends past 3.5 mm and noticeably protrudes more than the bottom lip, this is when the appearance starts to look unnatural and “duck-ish.”

It’s not always about more volume. Lip injections can balance asymmetries and make your lips more aesthetically pleasing without making them look unnatural.

Lip Fillers Aren’t a One-Size-Fits-All Treatment

Some people naturally have a larger upper lip. In this case, an injector may only need to inject the lower lip to achieve the 1:1.6 ratio.

Maybe the height of left side of your upper lip is slightly larger than the right side, or there’s an indentation in your bottom lip that needs attention. Filler can address both these issues while also making the lips appear more hydrated.

A sign of youthfulness is hydrated, plump lips. If you want to bring youth back into your appearance, lip filler can be used to fill in fine lines and bring life to a deflated pout. Additionally, as we age the top lip can begin to droop and fold under. A non-surgical fix to this issue is injecting lip filler to the top lip to restore height and volume.

What to Know About Lip Injections

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was a beautiful pair of lips. Depending on your goals, it may take several sessions to get the lips of your dreams. We won’t inject more than a 1.0 mL syringe at a time into your lips. Any more than a syringe, and you can risk damaging your lips and overfilling. Slow and steady wins the race with lip filler.



Immediately after your lip filler appointment, your lips are going to be swollen. Some people may be shocked and feel like their lips are too big. Don’t worry. Most of that volume is swelling. It takes about 2 weeks for the filler to settle and your new lips to make their appearance.



You’ll have some bruising at the injection sites, and the severity can range from person to person. The bruising and swelling lasts for about 5-7 days, and we always recommend snagging a tube of Alastin’s iNhance post-injection serum. It has a soothing, cooling applicator tip that feels great and the ChromaFADE technology enhances the appearance of the skin following injections. In other words, it accelerates the healing of bruising and swelling.

Temporary Lumps and Bumps

It’s also not uncommon for your lips to feel bumpy in the two weeks following your injection. This is completely normal. Like we said earlier, it takes time for the filler to settle and smooth out. Do not try and massage these lumps and bumps out, it can affect your results.

After two weeks, the swelling and lumps have subsided, and your lip filler has properly settled. Some patients may feel like all the filler is gone. But we promise it’s not gone. You’ve just gotten used to the swelling over the last two weeks.


Lip filler lasts anywhere from 6-12 months depending on a person’s age and metabolism. Younger patients tend to see their lip filler disappear quicker than older patients because their body metabolizes the product faster. This doesn’t mean that the product is completely gone from the body. There are cases where the filler will migrate above the lip, but that’s why filler maintenance is so important.



Just like any cosmetic procedure or skin care routine, you have to be consistent and maintain your filler results. You’ll definitely want to schedule a follow-up with your injector two weeks post-injection to assess your results and discuss whether more filler is needed to reach your goals.

But you’ll also want to come back and see your injector when your filler starts to fade at the 6-9-month mark. Your injector will decide whether more filler is necessary to maintain your results.

Reversing Lip Filler

In cases where someone has had multiple syringes of lip filler over the course of a few years, your injector may need to inject a solution that dissolves the filler. This allows you to start from a clean slate and maintain the health of your lips.

Injecting more filler over filler that has migrated over the years can cause an undesirable shape that starts to look like a “sausage lip” that loses the beautiful cupids bow and vermillion border (the pink line that outlines your lips). 


Achieving Your Ideal Lips

With the golden ratio considered, enhancing your lips naturally should take into account your anatomy and your goals. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common way to achieve a balanced, enhanced lip. Additionally, you’ll want to see a skilled injector who administers the correct amount of filler into your lip and balances your appearance as a whole.

The providers at Facial Aesthetic Concepts have extensive experience with filler and achieving natural results that suit you best. Whether you’re looking to balance out asymmetries, add volume, or restore a youthful glow, FAC can help.

Book a consultation today to discuss your options and achieve the lips of your dreams.

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Thinning Hair?
Consider your hair restoration options...

Hair restoration can be one of the most important aspects of cosmetic improvement for men and women. With substantial hair loss, you can easily end up seeing someone different, older, and more tired in the mirror every day, eating away at your self-esteem. 

Luckily there's treatments at FAC that address hair loss. Let's review.

The hair growing power of blood

Your blood has powerful regenerative properties. You may have heard the term ‘vampire facelift’ or the Dracula lift.  What these procedures use is the concentrated platelets from your blood to stimulate your body to regenerate healthy new cells. 

What you may not have heard about is the way we can use Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) to stimulate hair follicles to regrow hair.  A variety of environmental and physiological factors can impact a hair follicles ability to grow hair.  After a follicle has been inactivated, it remains dormant and causes thinning or balding in the area of the inactive follicles. 

In many cases an inactive follicle may still be able to grow hair but require stimulation in order to ‘reactivate’.  At FAC we are using PRF injections to stimulate hair regrowth. 

What is PRF?

PRF is a non-surgical treatment that releases the growth factors within platelets to stimulate cellular activity. This treatment can be used anywhere a patient would like to stimulate hair regrowth.

How does PRF treatment work?

PRF is completely natural in the sense that we aren’t adding anything to the blood and it utilizes your own growth factors from your blood. First, we draw your blood into vials. Next, we place the vials into a centrifuge and spin it to sperate the PRF from the red blood cells. Once the spinning is complete, PRF is visible at the top of the vials in a golden, yellow color. We harvest the PRF out into syringes and that is what’s injected into the scalp.

When combining PRF, pharmaceutical, and other non-surgical therapies, we are able to maximize hair growth results for our patients

Alternatives to PRF

For individuals with more dramatic hair loss or those that don’t respond to non-surgical therapy we recommend hair restoration with the NeoGraft system using the advanced FUE method. This involves removing individual follicular units from the back of the head to transplant to areas of thinning or balding. 

Unlike with the traditional strip grafting method, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique leaves no scar and has minimal downtime. 

Theradome is a wearable hair growth helmet for people who want to treat their hair loss issues from the comfort of their own home. The helmet uses laser phototherapy to reduce hair loss, thicken existing hair follicles, and grow new hair follicles.

The device is intended to be used 2 times a week for 20 mins and is a great solution on its own, or it can be used with other hair restoration options to amplify the treatment process.

Solve your hair loss issues at FAC

At FAC our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible outcome and experience in all we do. In order to minimize downtime and enhance the success of our Hair Restoration treatments we combine them with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO). Hyperbaric treatments help to stimulate blood flow and preserve the health of the newly grafted hair for a significantly improved result. 

Our consultations are an educational process to help you understand the latest options available for achieving full, natural hair. Book your consultation with us today!

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